Summer Page-Turner – The Next Wife
Southern Women Book Society

The Next Wife
by Kaira Rouda

Kate Nelson built a company with her husband John, they have a daughter whom they both adore, and it seems like the perfect life. Until John decides he isn’t happy and leaves Kate for his 22-year-old assistant, Tish. Tish feels like she is on top of the world with her new husband and more money than she could have ever dreamed of in her extremely poor upbringing. While The Next Wife started out fairly predictable, there’s a huge plot twist, and all their plans seem to be coming undone.

What would Kate do to keep her company and good name? What would Tish do to make sure John never leaves? Both women have things to fight for, but what happens when those things collide? And how does Kate and John’s daughter fit into everything going on?

The twists and turns that take place in this book will keep you guessing, and there is an ending that you will never see coming! This psychological thriller requires a glass of wine and your full attention; otherwise you’ll find yourself having to go back and reread to make sure you didn’t miss something. The Next Wife makes for a great summer read by the pool and is available in print or digitally.

Review by Emily Evans


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