Southern Style

Spring is upon us, ladies! Time to shed those bulky winter clothes for cute spring dresses and sandals. Here are a few items you can pick up locally to add a little spring to your step!


This super cute sundress is perfect for warmer weather. The dainty floral print makes it ideal for any casual event. Pair it with the distressed, raw denim jacket for the cooler mornings and evenings. “Blue Bird” sundress $49.99 and “I’m Telling You” denim jacket $49.99, Pink Chair Boutique, Senoia


The neutral colored “Tacoma” wedges are perfect for spring and summer. They look classy with almost any outfit you choose and are comfortable enough for a day at the park. $29.99, Pink Chair Boutique, Senoia


The shampoo and conditioner you choose really does make a difference in how your hair feels and styles. Caviar Anti-Aging by Alterna makes hair shinier, smoother, and rebalances moisture, plus it protects your color. Shampoo $29 and conditioner $29, Twinology Salon, Newnan

With spring here, a simple lip is essential. Versed Tinted Lip Oil works fabulously to create a subtle lip color while keeping lips moisturized. Plus, it’s cruelty-free! Versed Tinted Lip Oil $9.99, Target

As all of us Southern women know, Mama always told us, “You never know who you might run into, so at least put a little colah on your face before you leave the house!” With that said, a great lip tint with a swipe of volumizing mascara should keep Mama happy. A cute outfit only adds to that in case you happen to bump into a neighbor or one of the church-goers you see every Sunday at the corner store. Remember: Always stay “pretty as a peach!”