Play It Like A Girl
By Madeline Graham and Mandy Inman

When thinking about girls’ sports, what’s usually the first thing that comes to mind? Let’s be honest, it’s usually cheerleading, volleyball, and gymnastics. We’ve put girls’ and boys’ sports in certain categories. The fact is that anyone can play any sport with the right motivation. Meet four young ladies who chose not to conform to the labels put on “girls’ sports.” They decided to participate in what they were interested in, not what society thought would fit them best. Flag football, lacrosse, wrestling, and sharpshooting all involve a great level of skill and strength that are needed for success.

Many would say men are naturally stronger than women, and they are not wrong. Studies have shown an increase in physical strength in men rather than women, making men have an upper hand when it comes to full-contact sports. That doesn’t mean women do not have an upper hand though. Women have been proven to have the upper hand in endurance, life expectancy, and withstanding trauma. Being physically strong is not always the key to these sports.

By taking a look into these girls’ lives, you will see the enormous amount of work being put into and outside of their sports seasons.

Madeline Graham

Madeline is a high school Varsity flag football player. She plays center and is #11 on her team. She has participated in various sports and found a love for flag football. During the season she is consistently finding ways to improve and learn more about her sport. A very outgoing, positive member of her team, she was awarded the school’s “Spirit Award” for the impact she made in and out of the season!

Outside of football season, Madeline focuses on family, faith, and friends as they are the most important factors in her life. Being very goal-oriented and determined, she is preparing to become an Air Traffic Controller at the age of 18.

Maddie Steiner

Maddie is a high school Varsity wrestler and is captain of the boys’ varsity team. Her achievements are many and she has worked hard for every single accomplishment. Maddie is ranked first in Georgia and eighth in the Southeast region of the US. She is a 3-time state qualifier and a freestyle state champion. She even set the school record for the most pins in a single season. When she is not on the mat she loves fishing, paddle boarding, and weight lifting. She recently signed with Trine University to begin a new chapter in her wrestling career.

Kayton Walker

Kayton plays high school JV and varsity lacrosse. While on the field she plays as #20 and shares that number with her boyfriend who plays lacrosse as well. Kayton doesn’t just have one season of lacrosse, she plays year-round with another team known as Warriors Lacrosse.

As much as she enjoys her field time, Kayton also loves thrifting, spending time with her boyfriend, and being outdoors. While Kayton’s makeup on the field includes eye black, off the field she enjoys trying new styles and methods with anything involving cosmetology.

Caroline Ohmesider

Caroline is a sharpshooter. She joined her high school shotgun team during her freshman year. Caroline shoots a 12- gauge shotgun and has competed in state for three years. While she shoots Trap and Sporting Clays, Skeet remains her favorite as it is her dominant event. Besides shooting, Caroline enjoys running track and pole vaulting.