Peekaboo Pastels
Hair By Taylor Marsh

Taylor Marsh loves color! We mean it. She’s obsessed. “I could do this all day long, ” she smiles, “I love what I do!” The Fanola color artist has found her calling, helping clients choose and maintain their hair color for the past five years. So when oncology nurse Alice Wisniewski was ready for a bright and refreshing change, she called her friend, hair colorist Taylor, for a fresh, spring-inspired look!

Step 1
Taylor began by using lightener, lifting Alice’s natural blonde with a full head of highlights and balayage highlights under the back. While the top of Alice’s hair processed, Taylor washed out the balayage lightener underneath, dried the hair, and added four dazzling Pulp Riot colors to the bottom.

Step 2
When processing was complete on the lightener and the colors, Taylor washed Alice’s hair with Fanola No Yellow purple shampoo and applied a L’Anza 10P violet toner to remove any additional yellow hues from her highlights.


Step 3
After rinsing out the toner, Taylor did a quick trim and gave Alice a blowout with curls that allow her perfect pastels to peek through!



Wash your hair with cool water (the colder, the better!) to help color stay locked in, fresh, and shiny!

Don’t wash every day. And no scrubbing! Instead, work the shampoo in between the strands gently.

While showering, use a wide-tooth comb and plenty of conditioner to work through any tangles, starting from the bottom and working your way up.

Hold your brush vertically when brushing to help bring tangles to the bottom.

Use a color protective shampoo recommended by your stylist—there are plenty of grocery store brands available, but trust your stylist on this one to keep your color longer.

Purple shampoo is great for maintaining brightness and controlling brassiness, but only use it one or two times per week, or it could dry out your hair.

Visit Taylor at Parlor 34 in Newnan and check out her TikTok and Instagram accounts (@hi.itstaylorm) for the cutest, quirkiest videos, and more hair tips!

Photography by Brandon Clifton
Model: Alice Wisniewski