Meet a Southern Woman

Can you please share your full name, names of kid/s, hubby, fur babies, and the town you live in?

Tess Naomi Walker, Devin, Dirk & Somer, Junebug(beagle), Buddy Love(Tom cat), Charlotte(chihuahua), Magnolia & Pheobe(Cats), Ludowici Ga

What is your favorite “mom hack”?

Picking my house up at night so that I can focus on work during the day, trying to always start my day with a clean slate.

What is your background? Tell us about you… where you grew up and what you love to do and why you love living in the south?

Born & raised here, most of my working career was banking until I quit to pursue master cosmetology, hated doing hair so went back to banking then Covid hit and I got quarantined and started my pursuit in content creating/beauty influencing! Love spending time with my family, going to the river, beach, anything with water & sunshine and making memories with my family!

What called you to become a content creator?

It’s something I was always interested in and when Covid hit I was able to take the leap.

What is the best thing about your job?

I get to still thrive as a wife & mama but still make a living doing what I absolutely love!

What is your best “working mom” tip? How do you keep it all together with your busy schedule?

You tell me but seriously most days I am a hot mess express! But I do have a VERY supportive husband who makes to tell me when I need to give myself a little grace & relax.

What do you love about your town and the surrounding areas?

My town is comfy, small, all my family live here and Devin’s mama & daddy! If you are in trouble or need help people around here don’t hesitate! It has grew from when I was little but mostly everybody still knows ya mama and them!


What TV show are you loving right now? Book? Movie? Podcast?

I love to binge-watch Netflix! I love romance & murder mysteries! Our comfort shows are Friends & Reba!


Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers? Example: What is your drive? What goals do you have for your future?

My drive is definitely fueled from my family & amazing followers! I have created an amazing community of mostly women who empower & support each other! My goals for the future is to make my husband a house husband.


If you could give any advice to women that you feel would inspire them to just go for it! Follow their dreams! What would you say to them?

Take that chance and go for it! Even if it makes you really uncomfortable at first! Comfort zones can hold you back! There are people way less qualified living your dream because you were too scared to take that chance! Also never let the judgment or opinions of ANYBODY even yourself make you not go after your dreams & your passion!

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