It’s a Porch Thing
By Holly Cellini | Photography by Michele Mabie

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Last year we conducted a search for a beautiful and unique home to design for fall and to showcase for the magazine. After all, what is more, southern than a beautifully decorated porch? We conducted our search on Facebook. Since this was our first year we weren’t sure how many entries we would get. The response was overwhelming! Over 250 homes were submitted. It was a daunting task. Our intention was to select one. Well, we couldn’t make up our minds. Congratulations to our first annual “Southern Woman Magazine Fall Featured Porch” winners, the Pearson and Medici families.

We fell in love with the Pearson’s home. From the exquisite gas-lit porch light to the majestic dual staircase. It caught our eye instantly. We couldn’t resist placing a pastel-colored pumpkin on each beautiful step. We mirrored the design on each staircase. Pumpkin stacks as well as a prize winner pumpkin rounded out the design. You could not pass this home by without stopping and ogling.

The Medici home caught our eye for different reasons. Their home with its painted weeping mortar brickwork, wide steps, and unique iron work captured our attention from the first moment that we saw it. We had to see it in person. It did not disappoint. We decided again to go with a pastel color palette. A variety of white pumpkins anchored the design. We added light green and orange pumpkins along with unusual gourds to complete the look.

I hope that you can look at your porch and find inspiration. You can call me and I can help or pick up the supplies and do it yourself. Either way, I encourage you to be creative and embrace your space this fall. Enjoy all of the wonders this wonderful season brings.