It’s A Porch Thing
By Holly Cellini - Photgraphy by Michele Mabie

Happy Summer everyone! I hope that you are excited to spend lots of time outside. Is your porch ready for summer? I have a few tips for you to pretty up your porch and make it a place where you want to hang out. 

First, if you haven’t picked up a new rug or pillows in the past year, now is a  perfect time to do it! The stores are full of beautiful bright rugs and pillows. I personally love to mix neutrals with pops of color. I suggest a rug to anchor each area of your space. They don’t have to match necessarily. They can be in the same color family as long as the patterns aren’t too busy. Find a nice neutral larger layering mat for in front of the door. Then select a mat that matches the style of your home and mood.

Find some pretty outdoor pillows that coordinate with your rugs. To ensure your pillows stay nice I recommend picking up a large basket that can sit out on your porch. It will look nice as well as serve a useful purpose. When you know a storm is coming you pile all of your pillows in and bring them inside. It keeps you from  finding them down the street the next day. All of the items can be found at different price points. Don’t think it is out of reach. 

You have all of your rugs and pillows done. What next? I love to change out the flowers on my porch. I know it is sometimes hard to keep up with hand watering everything. Get plants that you know you can keep up with. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Incorporate some succulents, and invest in some self-watering planters. You fill them up less frequently so there is less to worry about. Plants add so much to a space. Pick the best ones for your space. You got this! 

Your space is almost ready. What more do you need? Personal touches and activities  that you enjoy. What is a personal touch? Things that you love, that express your personality.  I have friends that love french bulldogs, bees, dragon flies, and pigs. Find items like that to add character and warmth. It may take the form of a planter, a pillow, or a statue. What do you and your family like when you relax? Checkers, tick-tac-toe, cards? Have an activity which you can enjoy. I hope that you have a wonderful summer.