House of Hearts
Historic Newnan Home of Jenni and Billy Horne

Artist Jenni Horne and her husband Billy are grateful for living in a main street community, rarely ever getting into their car on the weekends, choosing instead to walk to a local coffee shop or market day on the downtown square a block away, and embracing small-town living to its fullest.

The heart-embellished railing that skirts the front porch of their historic Newnan home is a reminder of the love and healing their home has provided for their family of four. With its view of the courthouse clock tower and the neighboring Central Baptist Church on West Broad Street, the circa-1860 house has been home to only four families in its 160 years of life.

Though the footprint of the house more than doubled with a major addition in the 1970s, each new owner has maintained the history evident in the well-worn original floors, front door, and windows of the front rooms. The home’s original owner, Colonel Brewster, lost his leg during the Civil War and lived his adult life in a wheelchair, so the doorknobs and windows of the original three rooms were set lower than usual to accommodate his reach, and the doorways are extra wide compared to other homes built in the era.

And through the years, each new owner has put their own personal touches on the home, making it a walk through local time and history.


Interior Charms

With the house’s addition in the 1970s, a large kitchen fireplace with a hearth was added. Jenni limewashed the brown brick and styled the mantle with her collection of rustic blue pottery and natural materials. She decorates every space in her home in layers, with every piece she adds having a meaning.
The fireplaces in the home’s three original rooms were boarded up when Jenni moved in. Her family had an adventure uncovering them, hoping to find “buried treasure.” Unusable and unvented in their current state, Jenni brought them to life in a different way with her own original art and treasures.
In the dining room, which serves as Jenni’s art studio, an original fireplace is flanked by the “ghost closet,” a quirky nickname the family gave the home’s only original closet with a pint-size door. The authentic hardware is still in place—just a simple latch and lock.


Outdoor Spaces

One of Jenni’s first projects in her home was renovating an old carport into a fun and funky outdoor living room. Lacking a backyard, she created a floral haven great for entertaining and relaxing.
A chippy cast iron tub nestled at the back of a shade garden along the east side of the house is a perfect spot for potting and washing.
Every home Jenni has lived in has a haint blue door, a Southern tradition of painting a door blue to keep bad spirits away. This back door is embellished with a brass knocker boasting the Brewster name and an antique dinner bell, along with the Horne name in metal letters above.

Creative Collections

Charming vignettes are sprinkled throughout Jenni’s home—collections from her kids, Jenni’s original artwork, and purposeful reminders of happy occasions. Birds, in particular, make an appearance in almost every nook and cranny.

Travel Through Time

When completing the addition, the home was transformed into a shotgun-style, with a clear view from the front door all the way through to the back. Walking the hallway gives a perspective from the home’s original 1860s entrance, through its addition in the 70s, and into Jenni’s current living space with her personal touches.

Jenni’s Home Studio

Here, Jenni paints a rendition of her home next to the neighbors’ called “Friends and Neighbors” in her home studio. An art teacher for many years, she finds that she is a much better teacher when she takes the time to hone her skills as an artist. See more of her original artwork at