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Seed Starting with God’s Garden Girl Tinisha O'chelle Walker

What are the basics that I need to start plants from seeds (soil, trays, lighting, etc)?

The basic things you’ll need to start vegetables from seed are: seeds, seed starter mix, seed starter trays, and direct natural light or grow lights. You should know your specific planting zone, average last frost date, and average first frost date.

Are organic seeds better than non-organic and why?

Organic seeds are not better than regular seeds, they’re just organic. They don’t perform better and don’t reduce any chemical exposure.

What are the easiest plants to start?

A few of the easiest plants to start are tomato, peppers, beans, and squash.

When should I transplant them to the garden?

Most spring seedlings are transplanted to their permanent homes after the last frost.

How late is too late in the year to start seeds indoors?

You can actually start seeds indoors at any time. Your seed sowing should be done with the specific ”days to harvest” for that particular crop taken into account… basically, when you have enough of the appropriate weather for your crop to be ready to harvest.

Are there seeds I can sow directly into the garden?

Most seeds can be direct sown into the garden at the appropriate time. Some seeds are direct sown in the spring, some summer, and even fall.

When can I start direct sow seeds outside?

You can direct sow your spring seeds outside after the last frost date.

Will my leftover seeds still be good to use next year?

Yes, your leftover seeds should still be good to use the following year, even up to five years if stored properly in a dark place or refrigerator.

God’s Garden Girl Tip:

One Seed is an entire plant.
Plan accordingly: one tomato plant versus 30 tomato plants.

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