Hair Tips with Taylor

Hiiii! Taylor here with some top tips and trends!


First, I want to introduce you to Dragon Braids. Clients can pick out their favorite hair color and have them braided in the hair. Perfect for parties, festivals, and events. You can even show your favorite team your support by adding your team colors. If you’re a Braves fan, spice up your hair with red and blue! These dragon braids can even be decorated with any color tinsel to add some sparkle look, also with feathers and beads.

Now that you’re all caught up on trends, let’s talk tips.


Tip one: CLEAN YOUR BRUSH! Do this once a month !!! Your brush is collecting dust, oil, dirt, and products. Trust me, you and the brush will thank me later!

Favorite brush: Wet Brush.

Tip Two: DRY SHAMPOO IS FOR CLEAN HAIR! Once you wash your hair and blow-dry, pick up that dry shampoo. Go ahead and spay your roots BEFORE your hair starts getting dirty.

Favorite dry shampoo: Bubble & Bubble

Tip three: COLD water will help color stay longer in your hair!

Also, make sure to use a color-protection shampoo. My favorite is Pallure S.O.S and Amika Color Lock Shampoo.

Tip 4 is for us Georgians. We gotta love the humidity we have, so I make sure I’m stocked up on my Amika The Sheild Anti Humidity Spray! This will definitely be a game-changer for you!

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