Getting Ready with Raydeen
15 Minute Makeover

Our cover makeup artist, Raydeen Martin, gave our managing editor a mini-makeover with this quick and easy look that can be completed in less than 15 minutes! A mom-on-the-go and minimal makeup wearer, Kim needed a look that’s simple for when she needs to get ready fast or needs to look fresh for her next meeting. Below, Raydeen tells us how to make it happen!


Step 1: Applying gently with your fingers, use an eye cream to reduce puffiness beneath and around the eyes.


Step 2: Apply primer! This really is the secret to a flawless finish overall. Raydeen suggests a hydrating primer as well as a mattifying primer to fill in areas with fine lines, wrinkles, and large pores. Apply with fingers or a small brush.


Step 3: Spray Airbrush Spray Foundation onto a Kabuki brush and stipple onto face, buffing in with a circular motion.


Step 4: Apply concealer to problem areas, using only a small amount where necessary. Pro Tip: The products Raydeen uses are buildable, so you could even dab another layer of foundation on a problem spot to reduce darkness or correct redness. (Raydeen did not use a concealer on Kim, but if you feel like you need it, use it!)


Step 5: Apply liquid eyeshadow to lids using your fingers or a fluffy crease brush. Raydeen used Younique’s Moodstruck colors Reverent and Willed here. She applied Reverent to the inner corner of the lid and blended outward, and Willed from the outer corner blended in toward the nose with a blending brush. If you have hooded eyes like Kim, bring the color a bit farther up toward the eyebrow. The liquid dries quickly so you’ll need to work fast.


Step 6: To simplify and bring the look together, Raydeen used the smallest amount of the Willed liquid eyeshadow as blush. (Literally, the smallest amount… It was barely visible on the blush brush.)


Step 7: Scrub those lips with a lip exfoliator to exfoliate, condition, and prime the lips. Raydeen then applied Willed liquid eyeshadow as lipstick, too! (This eyeshadow really does it all!)


Step 8: Finally, Raydeen filled in Kim’s eyebrows with a powder eyeshadow that matched her hair to complete her makeup.


The entire look only used eight products and three brushes! How easy is that?! And the look lasted all day! The long-lasting and smudge-proof Younique products are highly pigmented and follow the European standards of production. A good skincare regimen is always best and helps your makeup application to have a flawless finish.


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