Welcome to Southern Woman Magazine!

I am beyond excited about this new journey with Southern Woman!

From the time I was a young girl, I have loved learning everything about the Southern side of things and meeting so many hospitable folks. My mama and daddy raised us up to respect others and always be humble and kind. I just love sittin’ on the front proch in the hot days of summer and having a cool glass of fresh sweet tea with a slice of lemon. I love traveling and seeing the South. The beautiful cascading live oaks and the array of azaleas that bloom in the spring. Hearing the tweets of young birds arising to welcome a fresh new day. So many beautiful blessings here in the South. I am truly blessed to be born and bred here.

Growing up, Mama always told me that being a lady was important but being a strong woman was knowing that I am capable of handling anything that comes my way. Southern Woman will give y’all a glimpse of women that have made it through life by believing they can do anything with their heart desires…carrying out their passions and also helping others along the way. You will also get a feel and taste of Southern goodness.

Our family at Southern Woman welcomes y’all to come sit and stay a while. We are always here for family, friends and meeting new friends. It’s time to get back to the days of porch talk, bonfires, gardening, and good food. A Southern woman is always up on the latest fashion and beauty trends too–we like to look and feel our best!

So we welcome y’all to come take this journey with us, and let’s have some fun. And always remember to be kind to one another in this life because none of us know what tomorrow will bring so be thankful for today!

God bless, y’all!

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Melanie Denney Haas

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