A Self-Care Journey for Busy Women

“Self-care is a sacred journey of honoring our bodies, minds, hearts and souls.” ~Annie Singh-Quern

A busy woman spends less than 30 minutes a day caring for herself. This time equates to 75 days over a 10-year period of 3,650 days! Frequently viewed as an indulgence and a privilege, self-care, in reality, is a necessity, and should be a right for women!

Busy women’s lives are inundated with numerous roles and activities. Ironically, the fervor of such daily living is usually matched by a deep yearning for serenity and simplicity. We know intuitively that when we pause, we can hear the desires of our hearts and the little voices that speak our truths. Journeying to our cores also allows us to deepen the relationships with ourselves. However, slowing down and staying centered through self-care require persistence, patience, and being present.

Journey into Simple Living: Self-Care Practices for Busy Women was created to empower busy women to embark and embrace a deserved lifestyle of self-care. Designed as an interactive read, it’s a thoughtful compilation of 75 self-care practices, reflective exercises, and resources, including a self-care calendar and vision board. Recommended practices can be easily attained in and around the home without much cost.

Some simple ways to embark on a self-care journey include savoring the sunrise (pg. 3), sipping a healthy tonic of water, honey and lemon (pg. 46), and seeking a leisurely walk (pg. 11). Strolling in silence (without the distraction of electronics) and engaging your senses with the sweet scent of magnolias, the happy hop of a cardinal or the whispering of leaves, are all part of being “in the moment.” Upon arriving home, recapture your nature experience (pg. 12) and treasure a fallen petal off the beaten path as a souvenir (pg. 13). In the middle of a hectic day, retire to your “sweet sanctuary” (pg. 39) for some peace of mind or shed stress away at the end of the day in the warmth of a shower. Whether you’re indulging in a long walk, disappearing into your sacred space or enjoying a soothing shower, these activities will allow you to relax and recharge to face the next day in a calm and centered manner.

The key to a lasting self-care journey is to intentionally choose simple ways to honor your body, mind, heart, and soul. Decide on a practice, schedule it in your calendar for a few days, then introduce another one but continue the first. Regularly folding self-care practices into your daily schedule will also allow you to ease out any negative influences. Accompanying reflective exercises create an additional avenue to connect with your inner self. The self-care vision board will provide a roadmap of your self-care journey. The calendar will help you track your progress. Over time, this simple, intentional living of self-care will flood your hours, days, weeks, months, and decades to create a deserved life of joy, meaning, and peace.


About the Book and Author

Journey into Simple Living by Peachtree City author Annie Singh-Quern seeks to empower busy women to embrace a simple living lifestyle for deserved joy, meaning, and peace. The book offers a thoughtful compilation of 75 self-care practices, reflective exercises, and resources, including a self-care calendar and vision board.

Annie Singh-Quern is the creator of I AM Phenomenal Woman/Celebrate Greatness, a platform that supports the personal and professional development of women. Here, regularly held pow wows, workshops, and annual events bring women together to communicate, celebrate, and collaborate their intrinsic greatness. Ms. Singh-Quern is the founder and CEO of COA Consulting, LLC, a marketing and communications agency that serves local businesses. The author lives in Peachtree City with her two children and among a tight-knit community of women.

To begin your simple living journey, please connect with Annie Singh-Quern for personalized autographed copies of Journey into Simple Livingand other special offerings (Simple Living workshops, presentations, Coffee with the Author, etc.) at coaconsultingservices.com, annie@anniequernconsult.com or through Facebook.